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Whether you already love your outdoor spaces or want to make improvements such as adding native plants, edibles, or stonework, we are excited to help.

As the sole proprietor of Rivers Edge Landscaping, Tony Coughlan is dedicated to providing quality service and meticulous craftsmanship. Fully licensed and insured with 25 years of experience, his project development is based on knowledge of the best practices in landscape construction and irrigation in the Pacific Northwest. Your landscaping can be beautiful, practical, and original.


Tony's informed perspective will help you prioritize your landscape projects. He can help you identify the scope of work and can advise on the appropriate course of action to achieve your landscape goals.


Are you overwhelmed by your outdoor spaces? Tony's committment to producing innovative and sustainable softscapes and hardscapes is quintessential form meeting function.
Rivers Edge Landscaping serves Corvallis, Albany, Philomath,  Adair Village and surrounding areas.


Why you should work with a licensed landscape contractor...


Oregon’s Landscape Contractor Licensing Law, ORS 671.510-760, requires anyone who operates as a landscape construction professional or a landscape contracting business and anyone who wants to perform landscape work to have a valid landscape construction professional license and/or landscape contracting business license. 


The contractors license bond is required by the State of Oregon to protect consumers and allow compensation if there is a breach of contract, negligent or improper work for those receiving services from contractors in Oregon. If the contractor does not comply with the conditions of contractor license law, a claim can be filed against their bond with the surety company.


When contracting with a licensed landscape business you have the protection of your investment in your landscape project. Landscape contractors are required to carry liability insurance that protects the consumer's property if damage occurs during the construction phase of the project. Hiring providers without insurance puts you at risk for being responsible for property damage.

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